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Our passion is in providing honest, reliable ecu remapping and engine tuning to suit your needs. We come and remap your vehicle at home or work and provide this service all over the U.K . We make substantial investment in the latest engine tuning software systems together with Land Rover main dealer diagnostic equipment to enable us to safely tune all of the Land Rover range of vehicles.
"Unbeleavable, I am now using 10 percent less fuel in my Discovery 3 with the Dynachip remap"

"The flat spot when pulling away has now gone"

"The extra torque has made a big difference when towing my caravan up hills"
Discoveyr 3
G4 Discovery
This is one of a pair of brand new Land Rover G4 expedition vehicles we remapped, providing not only extra horse power and torque but also a significant improvement in Miles per Gallon

To get the best from your engine we always recommend that you either blank off the egr valves pre V.I.N 7A or  we can add a software patch to the remap to switch off the later 2007 to 2015 year valves without any warning lights being shown.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves’ operate by allowing a specific amount of dirty spent  exhaust gas back into the intake manifold. The air flow is controlled by the engines ECU by opening and closing the valve as and when it is needed.

A clogged EGR valve will result in higher emissions and also affect fuel economy and performance. Usual symptoms of this are a lack of power or excessive smoke and also poor engine starting and a marked increase in fuel consumption.


                 Specific to the DISCOVERY 3 AND 4
                        we can remap your engine to

                    REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION
                       SWITCH OFF EGR VALVES