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ECU's were first introduced back in the 1980's as a supposedly more efficient method of controlling engine fuelling, ignition timing, and emissions. The problem lies in the fact that all new cars have to undergo 'Type Approval', and part of this is getting the car through the 'Urban Driving Cycle' tests. Remote from European driving conditions these tests are based on a simulated trip around Los Angeles with the resulting noxious gases collected in a bag for testing. For example, the car has to cope with poor fuel quality, hot, dry and dusty environments and at the same time still provide reliability and economy. In order to meet these stringent requirements, modern day engines are now virtually detuned to pass the test. As a result the car never performs as well as it is mechanically built for, resulting in hesitancy and flat spots. Taking this in to consideration it leaves masses of room for an engineer to re-tune the car to vastly improve both economy and performance without infringing any emissions regulations.

Range rover sport TDV6
"I am now getting another Five miles per gallon from my Range Rover Sport TDV6"
Mr A, from Prenton
All modern cars built after 1996 are fitted with an OBD II diagnostic socket situated under the dashboard close to the pedals as standard, it is this socket that is utilized to remap your car. DYNACHIP starts this remapping process firstly by identifying the ECU type in the vehicle and the software version and any upgrades that may have been installed. The data is then copied using our reading equipment and an original copy saved in case you may want to restore your vehicle to its original settings any time in the future. This takes anything up to 20 minutes to download and save the dataset.
Once the original data has then been remapped with the help of our sophisticated engine management software, we re-save the new performance file which is then uploaded back on to the vehicle. The whole process takes approximately One hour and can be carried out at your home or place of work. Following completion of the tuning process we then ask you to road test the vehicle to make sure you are happy with the work carried out.
Remapping with laptop
Here we can see the laptop connected to the vehicles diagnostic socket and tuning being carried out
                                             VEHICLES WITHOUT OBD ACCESABILITY

On some earlier vehicles it is not possible to remap the ECU by connecting to the OBD diagnostic socket, So in these cases we have to remove the ECU from the vehicle and then open it up and de solder the old Eprom ( electrically programmable read only memory chip) from the circuit board. We then solder a socket onto the board into which we can now fit a newly programmed tuned eprom. The ECU can now be sealed up and refitted to the vehicle. One advantage of this method is that we do not have to have the vehicle present and ECU remapping can be done by posting the ECU to us for a 24 hr turn around service.
An eprom socket and new eprom