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Read what Land Rover World magazine October 2009 issue has to say about Dynachip tuning their Defender TD5 fitted with a Discovery transfer case

Here at Dynachip we have a wealth of experience in remapping and modifying the the Td5  Land rover engine in both the Discovery 2 and Defender. We have proven maps running in both private and commercially operated vehicles that have been working faultlessly in the most arduous of conditions.

One of the main issues in achieving the maximum Torque and power is ensuring not to over fuel the engine which causes excessive smoke and possible long term damage to the turbocharger, to this end We write and develop our own tuned re maps in house on our computer controlled rolling road which means we can be confident in our results.

By careful tuning we are achieving not only significant gains in power and torque, but at the same time we can give you improved fuel economy as well.

All Discovery and Defenders built year 2002 onwards can be remapped by connecting our computer equipment directly to the Vehicle diagnostic socket where the engine maps can be copied, modified and re loaded without any mechanical changes to the vehicle.

All Discovery and Defenders built before 2002 need to have the ECU removed from the vehicle and a new chip soldered onto the circuit board inside the ECU. . We can carry out this process in our mobile workshop at your place or we can provide a replacement remapped ECU sent any where in the world.

There are Three stages of tune as follows

STAGE ONE  remap  giving 40 horse power increase

STAGE TWO remap and fitting of performance intercooler

STAGE THREE remap and fitting of performance intercooler plus fitting of boost increase enabler

Below are some examples of tuned Td5 engined vehicles that DYNACHIP has remapped.

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td5 engine
Defender TD5
Defender td5